Migrations Without a Restart on Heroku

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I ran into a situation today where I had 10 long running background processes that were getting bogged down because we were missing an index. The app is running on Heroku on a shared database, so I don’t have the luxury of using psql to add the needed index. However, I wanted to figure out a way to add the index without restarting the long-running processes.

My solution was to log in via the console, and create the migration by hand.

Once complete, I added a new migration within the source code that has the option :quiet => true (_updated: see note below), so that all environments/developers get the manually created index that resides in production. Had I just done a git push to heroku, the background processes would have restarted. The results of adding the needed index can be seen in our New Relic stats below:

Note: I thought :quiet was a valid option for add_index, but it is actually a patch that you will need to add for your specific database. The following article describes a patch for MySQL. See mine for PostGreSQL.